Saturday, August 7, 2010

Creaking and Groaning

Instead of creaking and groaning when I am  up on the treadmill, I am starting to look forward to it..just a little.  I knew I would.  It had been a long time since I had been up on it and I started off in 10 minute increments.  Well, that lasted just one day.  I was up on it 20 the next and so on.  Now I split the time up into two sessions if possible (time permitting)
I work up a little sweat, redden my face a little so that I know it will count and get off feeling very smug with myself.  Seriously, I have to do something.  I was becoming as toneless as a piece of wet newspaper.  Ewwww. At least at work I got some activity.  Heck, walking to the building was a workout in itself. 
I got out the mauve/red fleece blanket that cost me a usurious $45.00 a year ago, and added it to the vellux blanket already on the bed.  I had noticed that I was huddled up under the one blanket and knew it was time to add another.  I barely got the thing spread onto the bed and smoothed out when the cat, who had been watching closely, jumped up and started rolling.  Oh, she tossed herself...she turned  herself  and tossed herself some more..she rubbed her cheeks against the softness...she laid on her side and scooted...she rolled some more.  Then she got up and ran all over it..bounding like a  mountain goat!!! Then rolled some more.  She finally settled down to sleep on it till I got to bed.  Unfortunately at what she felt was time to get up for me, the same performance was reenacted and when she got to the mountain goat part, I gave up and got up.  Suffice it to say, she loves that blanket.  It IS soft, heavy and who knew what a cat attractant??
I have some actual bank business to do.  I procrastinate badly when it comes to that.  I have let IRA's roll over into the worst of interest conditions because as the worker I was (all those hours and midnights, etc etc ) it seemed easier to do it that way.  NOT do it is more like it.  Now I have to.  I ran out of excuses.  So while I write this I know I have to make those phone calls.  Ugh.  Good thing the 401k is handled away from me.  :-)
May as well force myself to get going on that and then, I have to leave the house for other things.  I'm sure Miss Cat will continue sleeping on the blanket as she is right now. Just warming it up for me, I'm sure.
My youngest sent me a photo taken by another person as an example as to what he aspires to in always improving his photography.  I was raving about a hawk he got a picture of yesterday and how perfect it was.  Then he sent me a picture of an eagle in flight..close up (lenses make a difference!!) and absolutely breathtaking as an example to ME that there is always lots of room for improvement.  I have learned to be more discerning however, thanks to his critiques.  But I look at his, I look at several other places (blogs) where there are photographs of great quality and they just blow my doors off!  I couldn't come close.
OK.. I'll go to the phone.  :-(

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