Sunday, August 22, 2010

Curmudgeon 11/06

I think I am in here doing this because the treadmill awaits me and obviously I am just as unenthusiastic as always.  I did notice however that my daily usage has helped me in other ways.  I hauled many many many sheetsful of leaves down the hill of my back yard, tossed 'em over the fence and came back for more.  Did that for an hour and a half, one after the other.  I have the front yard decent, and the two side yards.  I needed to get back in as it was 1230 and get my face on and get on out the door.  Things to do, people to annoy.  It took my face about an hour however, to lose the pretty deep pink.  I worked!!!
But it's treadmill in a minute.
Thank you, those of you who said congrats.  I appreciate that.  Not empty words. I was dumbfounded when the MSN editors wrote me.  I just write to the family.  All of it..extended as it is.   That means you all, not just the boys.  And congratulations to another member of the blog family for the same honor___ "c" of " Looseleaftea" as seen in my blog links.
Curmudgeon. Where was I?  Oh yes.  I can be.  I had written about my youngest and I having gone to the slightly more upper end restaurant Sunday and they had a horrible offering for brunch as they were pleased to call it, and whatsmore, they added the tip themselves!!!!!!!!!!  I had stated that I am a generous tipper.  Let me give you an example.  I was out with my (forgive's Vivian's fault!!!) peeps! (Oh, that still makes me laugh..I loved that comment last weekend) and we had ordered lunch at the neighborhood grille if you know where I mean.  Starts with an A.  Anyway, our server was a young boy.  Anyone who knows me knows I am an absolute sap for boys..babyhood on up.  I have 3 and I think they are just so special.  Boys I mean.  Anyway, a mom's "prejudice". So, here's our little boy and when he showed up he faintly reminded me of my middle boy.  That did it.  I just beamed sunshine all over him with smiles.  Being no fool...he saw he had a live one here in the customer mix so he beamed back! 
When the food came..more beaming on either side to the amusement of my women friends.  But cute?  He was adorable.  And I was old enough to be almost his way old enough to be his mom..(and that was the thing..he looked like one of my boys plus he, being no fool as I said thought no doubt "Hm.  Good tip comin' my way!" 
I asked for a lemon slice for my diet coke and he brought a dishful.  I gave him 3$ right then and there for THAT.  Reckoning time came and my portion of the bill was $7.90.  He got a $6.00 tip because he was so cute! stop any thoughts..I have tipped little girl servers just as generously if they remember I want that lemon and bring it without my asking or look like good daughter-in-law material. 
Moving on..I say that I can be a curmudgeon too.  You act surly, disrespectful blah blah blah and you get little in the way of a tip.  But I want the tip left up to me.  I won't go there  to that place in The Big City again. 
This is turning into one of those long ones again and I have no good transition for the end so I will just quit and hop the treadmill. 
I'll come and see ya..leave the light on.  Wait till after the treadmill though.

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