Saturday, August 7, 2010


Dang if I didn't finally go and buy my pansies.  I go to a place called Willow Ridge, a local nursery, and buy them and  a generous amount of pansy food made especially for the little guys.  I bought my usual $40.00 worth plus their food.  I have the upper flower bed completely and pleasantly filled.  My lower back hurts, yes, as always... BUT... there is something different this time.  You know I have been talking about going on the treadmill twice a day? It has paid off in an unexpected way.  First, I am not quite as crippled up after bending and squatting.  That brings me to another thing..I was kneeling and squatting most of the time and my thighs are just fine.  So..I have built up some.  Great!!!  If Co-m-cast would just get here I would be back up on it again but  for the 3rd time I am waiting on them.  The pansies are the more exotic colors besides the usual  colors.  They all have faces.  Costs more but worth it to me.  I love looking at those little guys all the way till end of April.  (It stays cold here that long). I planted them in groups of 4.
Anyway..standing by for the Co-m-cast guys.  It's a service call as nothing happened when they were here Monday to "turn on" other channels.  So they have to make an inside visit to see why.
Got my hair done this morning.  She decided to use the flat iron on it to tame a few frizzies.   I like it.  Board straight and shiny as a new strawberry blonde dollar.
I sure wish I was young enough to wear Bebe clothes.  Oh man.  They are just fabulous.  There is not one single outfit someone over 16 can wear.  :-)  But they are elegant as well as "young".  Miu Miu is a House that a woman of almost any age can find something to wear.  One day when I become a millionaire I will buy Valentino and Balenciaga!!! Vera Wang too.  OK OK I'll quit.  I'm a wanna-be fashion maven.
Lunch  and a friend tomorrow and lunch and a friend Friday.   Weekend's free...wanna go to lunch?  You choose.

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