Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Day After 12/06

What a neat day! We had Christmas on THE day. Those of you who have been my friends for a couple years know I always worked the 12 hr. shift rotation and was always on midnight shifts, all 12 hrs. when Christmas and Thanksgiving came around. Well, not this time. I have been home to cook, clean and slave for both. And it is a pleasure to do. I cannot believe my good fortune to have a normal Christmas and Thanksgiving with family at the normal time everyone else does!!!

This day marked the first time in 2 days I got up on the treadmill. And did my weights. Wasn't feeling the greatest the 24th and Christmas day, it was not easy to commandeer my treadmill. But today, back in the groove even though I am down with the sore throat, post nasal drip and coughing thing again. Round 2.

One thing that my youngest gifted me with was an iPod. I asked as a joke more than anything leading to expectation on MY part, because they are expensive but darned if he didn't get me one. And he told 2nd son he was, so 2nd son got me a speaker thingy for them. Little did he know that 3rd son was getting him, 2nd son an iPod also! So, he also gave 2nd son the speaker thingy also. It was great fun. man, I let out a yelp for sure when I unwrapped that.

I have a secret affection for Sailor Moon anime..and so 1st son got me some gorgeous Sailor Moon cards among other things. 2nd son gave me a horribly expensive Christmas ornament from a specialty shoppe ( I spelled it that way on purpose to indicate an expensive shop.) Anyway, the ornament is a 3D skyline view of Charlotte! That thing is really SUPER looking. Where ya gonna get that again, he asked himself as he plunked down the money. One ea. for me and for him.

I love the Army Navy store. It's like a candy store to me. LOVE it. (it's all those years of wearing BDU's...combat is embedded in me now) and so they were in there looking for things for me (nothing makes me much more happier than camo clothes or anything camo) and he found a purse with insignia on it. Just all kinds of things. Everyone was happy and glad for what they received.

Mom's and Grandmoms...who knows a sure fire way to clean stuffed animals that cannot go into a washing machine. I thought I read in a woman's mag that there is a stuffed toy cleaner out on the market now? Can anyone help me out?

Hoping everyone is well and happy. I have been round to see you all.

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