Monday, August 16, 2010

A Day in the Life 8-16-10

Trying to get the house washing ('s dirty out there) accomplished and had to break the date he set as I forgot I had to be at my son's house to baby sit the contractors while they redo his bathroom area. I left 2 messages and hopefully he'll answer one of them as to another time.  Then, I have to get the car aligned.  Can't make another trip over the mountains until I do.

I did get the bathroom and the rest of the house spic and span yesterday and Miss Catt had the displeasure of me waking HER up as I rose at 0600 in order to have time to eat, feed her, look at my various blogs etc. and get dressed and a face on.  Tonught it's a dinner meeting.  I am so sleepy I don't want to go but I will.

I have tried and mostly succeeded in catching up with everyone.  No one seems to be blogging much in either blog..spaces or here.  Many of the blog family seems to have let it all go.  I hope everyone changes their minds.

Wish you could come with me tonight..anything you want to eat...come on along. 

Brrr.  Coming soon to a Fall near you.  :-)


  1. AWWW Sis I am sure still chugging along and so is Toodie, Bob,Terry,Sherry, and Joe.. some of us just won't give it up. Wintertime things will pick up when we all are shut ins because it is so darn wait and see.. Hope things go the way you want them. Safe travels!

  2. I'm having trouble realizing it's middle of August. Winter comes faster every year.

  3. I think lots of people are busy because of summer, vacations, kids, etc. Facebook is also taking lots of bloggers away. It's fun, fast and easy to check in on friends and relatives.

    Oh and FYI, my anti-virus wanted to block the flag counter you have installed. Hope it's not going to screw things up for you or me.

  4. I didn't know you had this one on, just saw Miss Catt's, so glad I found you, going to faves. The flower is beautiful And of couse , I love the snow pic, so rare here.