Sunday, August 22, 2010

Do No Harm 11/06

Back to reality and that means the treadmill and the weights.  That done for the first time today I thought I would mention what I was thinking about on the treadmill.  That is:  "Primum non nocere".  That is Latin for "First, do no harm".  All those years of Latin in HS comes in handy.  It breeds a liking for the language and an appreciation of the derivatives that followed. thought.  First, do no harm. 
The phrase is incorrectly attributed to Hippocrates.  He did not write that phrase.  However some sources say Galen the (Roman) physician did.  None the less, reading the poisonous words that one of the blogging family had to endure from a reader made me contemplate our role (at least as I see it) in this world we are in. 
First, do no harm.  If you come upon a blog and the author of the blog does not seem to echo your own particular  way of looking at things..your own action/reaction....your political or religious views...there is a simple way to deal with it.  Do not return there.  If by and large you find no objection to the blog or its creator, go there if you like knowing you may find objectionable material (to YOU) in the blog.  But you can leave with no comment at all.  Simple.  If the blog has enough content to make you go back with the antithesis of that and just leave the blog if you do not care for the content.
I seem to be trying to find several or endless perhaps ways of saying the same thing.  Just don't go if you don't like the blog or the blogger.  Don't leave scurrilous remarks or show your lack of breeding or offend others who innocently wander into the same blog you so despise. is so simple..First, do no harm.

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