Sunday, August 22, 2010

ello 11/06

ere I am, in glorious Charlotte.  Weather is beautiful. We are going to hang here and watch the UT/LSU football game.
We have been out for breakfast (I had my oatmeal here at the house...they ate out) then we went to a coin store ( we are all avid collectors) came home for a bit..went back out for lunch (just Wendy's) and after a while we'll head down town for some great pictures.  If my youngest is taking them, they'll be wonderful!  We will eat at Rock Bottom tonight.  We'll head back to TN. tomorrow morning. 
Marilyn, if you see this..I know you are right!  I did go to one of my most favorite of all shopping places but came out only spending like 4 dollars.  So, you were able to see through my complaints and know I love spending money when I get here and heck I didn't see anything I really wanted  to buy!!

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