Saturday, August 7, 2010

Evil Seat Mate

This is a spin off of Marilyn's blog in a way, and hers was of mine. She blogged about the discomfort her seatmate on the way back to VA. must have endured due to the person in front of him reclining his (airline) seat. That forced the taller fellow that sat next to Marilyn to put his feet in the aisle if I remember correctly.  Marilyn was saying that she kind of dreaded flying to India here shortly for a wedding as it is long hours aboard the plane and who knows how sleep deprived and uncomfortable she may be getting there. (I can tell her but I won't). :-)
In any case..she said something that brought brought back a sharp memory.  I am afraid that it will illustrate something impatient and not too cool about me.  But that is as it is.
A few years back when my youngest graduated UT, we were all in attendance of course.  His brothers and myself.  Behind us was a mom and her kids.  Dad was probably there but I don't remember him.  Maybe it was he who was graduating.  In any case...we were sitting there, the other two sons and myself and watching the youngest graduate.  The little monster behind me kept kicking the back of MY seat.  I couldn't move to another.  All seats were taken or I would have.
I passed several evil mother-like glances back to him (maybe 7-8 yrs. old) but those were only effective for a few minutes.  The next time he started (and for me, I had been long suffering) while my still eyes were still facing front, my hand shot back  behind me and  unerringly grabbed ahold of a 7-8 yr. old boy's ankle.  I let it go and continued watching the ceremonies.  There was no more kicking. Later I turned and looked full at him.  His eyes were also facing the front.  The boys told me I was lucky the boy didn't holler or the mother didn't offer to clean my clock for me.  I thought to myself if she had, I likely could easily take her!  BUT they were was one of those impulsive acts.  My profession didn't help.  It's not for wusses.
Guess it would not do to grab an adult's ankle, never mind a kid's, if they are annoying you on the plane.    So, that wasn't really nice of me at the graduation ceremony.  All I can say is I didn't hurt him.  One does wish however, that parents would control their little beasties.  I had to control my three.
OK.  I'll quit.

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