Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gargle 12/06

Gargle.  That's what I sound like laughing with this laryngitis.  And I was laughing helplessly at my son in Wal-Mart.  I couldn't help was something he said.  I had to haul out the bandanna I unfailingly carry with me and wipe the tears. (make-up ya know..can't get THAT messed up..not ol' girly here).

I slept some better..,got to lie down.  Meds are working.

I left them, son and grandson to their friends and their lunch and gift exchange and I came home to a Lean Cuisine.  Later we will all head out again to various places in town before they leave Saturday morning for CLT.  They all headed off to Nashville yesterday and among the stops was the Donut Den.  Hope they made their usual stop at Vanderbilt University  as well so I can beg for stuff they may have brought home.

The Donut Den  has doughnuts that are so good it should be criminal.  Of course they brought some home.  I did well refusing them till this morning at 0700 when I got up and the coffee was made.  I got into the box for 2 chocolate frosted ones.  That sort is my downfall besides any filled one.  I got caught with my hand in the box though.  Seems that my getting up triggered everyone else getting up too.

I'll leave you with this thought never really pay attention to how much you talk while out and about till you cannot!!!  Stands out like a sore thumb. Also, till I went to some websites to learn more about laryngitis who knew clearing your throat is a no-no???  Dr. sure didn't tell me not to.  He also didn't say whispering was even worse than trying to speak.  But the Mayo Clinic has a lot of links for the Inquiring Mind.

Thank you for the well wishes; and the tea Patty brought was most welcome as was the sympathy from all.    You know how some be a cry baby.

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