Saturday, August 7, 2010

Good Day

Another beautiful day!  Barely any leaf color though. Still not cold enough for long enough.
Went to church this morning.  That is so nice to do now that I no longer work almost every Sunday.  I defied the so-called no white after whatever month it is..September is it? rule and wore a gorgeous (if I say so myself) white rather full skirt with white embroidery you cannot see uless you're looking for it and then only if you are squinting...along the bottom.  Pin tucks that dropped about 12 inches below the little band waist.  I fell in love with the skirt when I first saw it.  I bought a white pucker knit tank top to wear with it..and I put a mauve light weight blazer atop the whole shebang and off I went with my white heels and white pocketbook, defying convention once again. (I think I looked pretty good!  :-) 
This is a new church to me and in it are three former supervisors.  It was  wonderful seeing them again.  One of them had invited me there  a few months ago and hoped I would enjoy the new pipe organ aside from the Message, of course.  That pipe organ rocks!!!!  And so does the choir!  They did a Gregorian chant the week before last that was totally awesome.  And the first time I have been present to hear such a thing in person.  It has always been on a CD till then.  Awesome!!
Today was about children and so the children had a part in the 1100 service.  Well, they did in the 0830 and 0930 services as well.  They did an outstanding job.
HA!  I was up on the treadmill just before I came in here to  do this and Miss Cat was in my chair..likely reading the Sunday paper too!  I have been waiting for her to get OUT of the chair so that I may get IN it and read the paper!   Now she is here asking for attention.  I will have to give it to her.  I was late on the treadmill due to church and then going to Bo-oks a Mill-ion to use one of the gift cards a dear work friend gave me...and some Christmas shopping.  I was all duded up and I rarely am, so I decided to make some use of looking nice for once. 
Here I have more time and yet my Christmas shopping is not done. Not EVEN a 10th of it.  I always have it done well before Thanksgiving.  Not this time I see.  I am finding too much else to do.
Cat said to say good

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