Sunday, August 15, 2010

Good Grief (as I am fond of saying!)

For me, this is a long time not to blog. Miss Catt aka The Admiral did hers..but then she wasn't really doing her hosting duties here at home, now was she?? The answer will be supplied by me and it is a simple "no".

Middle son and his son came to stay with me Thursday thru today as their last decent time except for occasional weekends here and there, before both have school start. My son is a teacher so he will start a week ahead of the students and then his son starts a week later.

Miss Catt went to the Vet Wednesday I believe it was, or perhaps it was Thursday and had her much much needed allergy shot. Her coat is better and she has quit the incessant scratching and- pardon the expression, caterwauling. The effects will last another 4 weeks maybe and then I go thru trying to trick her again to get her into the carrier.

It was very enjoyable as it always is when they are here. The youngest also came over and spent a large part of his weekend with us here. They left this mid morning and it sure is quiet. As always I miss them.

The rest of the house is cleaned but the bathroom is waiting on me to work in there. I think I hear knows I will have to re clean the tub and surround all over again.

Since my son was sleeping in one room and grandson in another, that meant two..count 'em, two doors closed all night against HER will. Miss Catt said "No door shall be closed in this house ever as is stated in Cat Law or prepare for punishment".

Two doors were closed and Miss Catt spoke up strenuously from 0300 onwards. It wasn't pretty. Sigh.

I'll be around looking fer ya.



  1. My eldest son's cats hate me going up there because I close the bedroom door and they are usually allowed to sleep on the beds. I never allowed any of my cats to go into the bedrooms, so its nothing new, and I am a cat lover.

  2. You and Miss Catt can both get a good night's sleep tonight.

  3. Poor Miss Catt doesn't understand that why two doors were closed? never mind it not all the time:-)
    Hope Miss Catt do not getting up early in the morning though she better sleep in just
    liks the human LOL!

  4. Mercy me, it sounds like a, a royal kitty nightmare to deal with! I'm thinking it's a miracle she didn't declare a state of emergency...or perhaps she did. It's great to hear from you again Carole. Hope you sleep better tonight.