Saturday, August 7, 2010

Great Day

Every day since 9/27 has been great!  Every day and every night.  Not to be ruled by that 12 hour shift rotation is some kind of wonderful!  I get to bed when I feel like it (I still can't be a big girl and stay up late...and I still am asleep by 2300) (but I COULD stay up if I wanted to [and could stand it!!])
But yesterday among other days as well, I had a great time.  Left the house 0930..headed to the Big City and met my oldest whereupon we went to a recital.  Viola, violin, flute and piano.  Exquisite.We went to lunch, headed to the university where I bought a few items. (nothing for me, for once!!) and got on a bus to head back to the oldest's place.  (I don't usually drive downtown place to park and far less expensive to ride the bus and trolley.) On the bus getting to the oldest's place we boarded and there was a young man with a Seeing-Eye dog..more commonly called a Leader Dog these days.  I greeted the dog but followed protocol and did not touch.  The young man, a TA at UT (German is his specialty) said his dog was being "fractious" and not to touch him.  Of course, I assured him I wasn't and didn't.  The three of us talked all the way to their respective residences (the young man lived in student housing) and what impressed me so much was...when I asked the young man's name, I leaned across the aisle to shake his hand and tell my name and my son's.  I lightly touched his hand so he knew my hand was there for shaking his.  He shook my hand but what was so neat to see...the dog rose as soon as he saw my hand headed toward his master.  He put himself between me and his master. It was awesome to see the immediate protective action on the part of the service dog.
The day was fun.  I came home long enough to see I needed Co-mc-ast again. So called them, got this new computer into it's leather carry bag and headed all the way back to same Big City and youngest son tweaked the computer..we went out to eat and I came back home.  Today has been twice on the treadmill, my little weight workout, lunch with a gentleman friend and so on. 
Wait. That "and so on" means I came home and cleaned the house some and made calls I had to make.

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