Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hate it When That Happens 12/06

Headed out one more time to the grocery. I wanted to make honey mustard chicken tonight for them. And so I headed off with list in hand to get what I needed. Most of all, the chicken.

While there I bought Ar*mor All for conditioning the interior finish of a car... leather, vinyl, whatever. Got home, unloaded what I had in the trunk, put it all away and then, I discovered there was no Ar*mor All. Had to go allllll the way back there..find a parking place, blah blah blah. And a somewhat testy clerk too. I was good and didn't "testy" back though I am awfully good at that. Too good. I have to be careful 7/24 not to smart off back at whoever.

Got the stuff and headed back. Have everything now for the chicken and this is a new recipe so hope it turns out well.

Meanwhile, someone who shall remain nameless (but who has 4 feet and a lot of long fur...might be feline too..not sure) is being a pest. I tried to play with her right after the treadmill and she wasn't having any of that. Tried to brush her..nope. Went out and did the grocery scene..tried again with the laser light. Nope. But now, she is in here begging and patting my arm. OH! By the way, I have that so called squirrel proof feeder ( you're way ahead of me here, aren't you?) and while on the treadmill that sorry little sucker was standing up eating out of it.

I have it suspended right now from the hummingbird feeder hook. All I can do till 3rd son gets here finally with the stand for out in the yard. So the thing (feeder, not the squirrel, though I wish!!) is suspended barely above the deck rail. What does that tell you? All he has to do is stand on his hind legs and eat his little squirrelly heart out. The feeder DOES work when you use it correctly. I am just in a dilemma and hung it there not knowing how long it would take to get the free standing hook. Meanwhile he has checkmated me. I can hear his evil little squirrel laugh from here. I was up on the treadmill and saw him eating and since I didn't want to stop the treadmill I watched to see how he was faring. Torqued my jaw enough that I turned up the treadmill to use the extra energy I suddenly felt.

Meanwhile..a sunny beautiful day. 2nd son and grandson have not left CLT. yet far as I they will get here about 1800.

Hope all is well with you all. Want a squirrel? Free. Take one. Two for the effort of taking one.

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