Saturday, August 7, 2010

his probably is one of those " WOW! I coulda had a V8!" moments for me.  Everyone else likely is aware of it.  But I was and have been noticing for some time now that you can tell how a blogger thinks (don't "DUH!!" so loud now..gimme a chance) by what he or she does NOT say instead of always what they do say.  Of course, if they declare something then we can certainly tell what is on their mind.  However, if certain topics not addressed at all, either by blogging or not commenting, that in itself is as telling as written declarations are.
You don't always have to come right out and say you are  a Liberal or Conservative, Left or Right.  It shows.  Even if you don't bash the President or his policy, or if you don't bash the Democratic party, it shows.
Avoidance of a topic or topics is like a clarion call to the obvious.  Of course I give my self away here.  I avoid almost anything controversial.  I will take a the voting booth or in private with friends and co-workers but I won't take a stand here.   But you can tell anyway, regardless.  If this which I am writing is too obscure..great!  I get to keep my secrets!   
Or maybe I am having a joke. 
Another totally deep blue sky, puffy white clouds and cold Fall day!  Perfection.  I went out and dropped off some newspapers to my youngest's porch.  He submitted a photograph to a newspaper and they printed it.  Proud mom ran around gathering up papers.  I also threw in a spare rubber mat for him to put under one of the bird feeders.  That is a lot easier to clean than the concrete porch.  He, like 'Photonut', uses the house as a blind in order to take some great pictures.  So a feeder is right there at the porch edge.  So is the birds' calling card. ;-)
The mat ought to help.
He had rid himself of the squirrel problem however with a baffle over the feeder.
I hopped up on the treadmill this morning.  I have a hurting back of course as my back is not used to being jarred.  However, Marilyn said to stretch and that we aren't 22 any more.  I think I forgot..but my back is reminding me.  I'll do that before I get on it again this evening.  I so wish I could swim.  Ideal.  And her arms are  like a goddess!!! She is a swimmer and swims daily. 
As Spock says..."Peace, and long life".

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