Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Admit it 11/06

OK.  I admit it.  I am a "Dancing With the Stars" junk-ie.  I sat there the entire time tonight after getting in from dinner, watching it.  I so regret it if I have forgotten it is on as I still am not a TV watcher except for the news. But tonight, I came distractions and tried to read the newspapers while watching.  I gave up and laid the papers aside.
I do not agree with the scoring however.  They let one couple go who were top notch.  All three couples were, but one of the other 2 couples that remained...they are the ones in my opinion that should have been booted. is rather like when that silly Jerry whatshisname was on there.  He can't dance his way off of a banana peel on the floor! And yet because he acted so silly and tried to be comedic, he and his partner were kept on there for weeks..knocking off/eliminating couples who tried so hard and danced so well and worked so hard.  It was not right to allow someone on there  who could not dance.  If they wanted a comedy then they should have formed a separate program just for that.
But no one pays me for my opinion so I guess I may as well stop harping on the show.
Had dinner out this evening. A surprise call in the mid afternoon.  Very nice. 
These have been gray and wet days and nights.  I hope they come to an end soon.  Helps my grass seed that was strewn but I need some dryness so as to blow leaves off my flower bed and so on.
By the way, Staples seems to be taking customer service to a new high these past months.  All you have to do is walk in and if you stand there someone will politely approach you and ask if they can help you find something.  And while standing there later on pursuing other things, someone asked again.  Frankly I appreciate that.  Used to be they had like 3 people.  One at the register and one at large and one at the main desk.  Now I can see they have hired quite a few.  Started noticing that several months ago.   But they close at 2000 hrs.  What a strange hour to close!!! 
OK.  Bye.

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