Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Can Sure See 11/06

I can sure see this isn't the best day I ever had as far as household things are concerned.  While away for the weekend I was in a pet store and besides the pet carrier, I also bought a large clear plastic "pitcher" to keep about 8 pounds of dry pet food in.  I duly got home, poured the Science Diet into that container from the paper sack Science Diet packaged it in,  and hoped to forever more have an easier time refilling the 2 qt. container I keep on the kitchen counter to refill her small bowl.
I have lived a few years and I pretty much have caught on to the idea that  when you put on a are better served by making sure it is  on tight.  I did that.  I pulled that big "pitcher" out of the walk-in closet and got ready to fill the smaller container that I keep out on the counter.  The pitcher has a pull out spout.  I pulled it out..turned it upside down to pour out the cat food and I can see most of you are way ahead of me here.  Yes..that's right.  The entire contents of 8 pounds of cat food came pouring out all over my impeccable floor, counter tops and worse still, all over the stove and INTO the stove.  It required taking the stove apart to get it all out, washing the pieces and assembling it all again.
I am well aware that worse things happen in the world, but that was a no fun thing happening right here. 
I did get out to vote.  I never vote a straight ticket.  And I didn't this time either.
It's raining.  I have a headache associated with this sort of weather.  Go figure.  Took a Tylen-ol.  Maybe I will feel like getting back up on the treadmill this afternoon if the Tylen-ol takes hold.
I have been Christmas shopping again.  Truth be known, I am glad I don't have to get 9 additional things for the folks I worked beside.  I was friends with just one and would have anyway for her.  But having to  do so for 8 additional (and they were in the same situation too...certainly I wasn't the only one) was costly.  I wish we could have drawn names, but no one was interested when I suggested that.
That sounded kind of Scroogish I guess.  I'll quit for now and rest my widdle head.

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