Sunday, August 1, 2010

I declare it is Sunday! Take that Beth! 8/1/2010

I'm home..slept like a statue last night with someone we all know checking every couple of hours to make sure it really was me..and that all my functions were normal. I was thoroughly sniffed at the ears and eyes and kisses on the mouth probably 4 times in the night after we had fallen asleep way early. I didn't mind even a little bit as the song she was purring was worth any little wake-ups that happened. She got a few weak pettings and I feel asleep again. I think I mentioned on the Spaces blog that a baseball team was literally surrounding my room on the first floor. It was horrible,. They weren't being vicious..they were high schoolers travelling for a game. But they were unmannered and loutish. Yes, there's a difference. :-) There for, and this isn't an exaggeration, I had about 3 hours sleep as did my son in his room 2 doors down. Made for a long 11 1/2 hr. trip home. BUT, that's was worth each inch of the trip. coming and going.

Here is a picture I took Friday last week of my favorite bridge where Daddy and my brother fished sometimes, that spans the Delaware River between New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This is in Lambertville NJ looking toward New Hope PA.

I've been trying to catch up with you guys on Spaces and now, I need to get cracking over here. :-)


  1. and GW crossed the bridge to play revolutionary baseball ...

  2. I loved the title! Now somewhere in my mind I thought you grew up in West Virginia I know you have to travel over the mountains to git! Very nice photo. Do get some sleep tonight as I am sure you are still winding down.
    Big hugs my dear.

  3. Yes, there's a difference between malicious things and just plain ignorance of manners...sad to say you paid for it no matter which side of the fence they were on...ugh, I hope you can catch up a bit now that you're home. I like the black and white version of that photo Carole...glad I got to see it color and B&!

  4. It is now Monday because I said it is, so I guess I missed Sunday. In my defence, my internet was down several hours yesterday. Great picture!!!
    I think Ms Toodie was confusing where you live with my WV sis, but then she was partially right as you are my twin.

  5. Like most folks, the only part on New Jersey that I've been through was going into NYC. It was somewhat depressing.
    However, I later saw an article in Nat Geographic on "The Garden State" and was really impressed with its beauty. Also, I've had many people tell me that it is a wonderful place out away from the big cities.
    But, you now reside in a wonderful area, too.
    Was John inferring that GW crossed the bridge to play ball with you?