Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Got That Old Feeling 12/06

Well, seems I have that old feeling, just as the song goes. Coughing my muscles into a spasm, too warm and then too cold, sore throat and now..ta dah...laryngitis. I'll head off to the Dr. again just to see if there is anything I should be doing. Or not, as the case may be.

I really didn't want to, but I got up on the treadmill anyway. I wasn't going to stay long, maybe 10 minutes as I am not up to my usual level of energy however as I was finally using my new iPod, I stayed longer. My face is still a little reddened...why I am in here instead of getting ready to head out for errands and the Dr. I am, as the commercial goes, trying to get the red out. :-) Of course in this case, I am not referring to my eyes as is the commercial.

I made something new last night for supper. A pizza casserole. A recipe I found in a woman's mag. Pretty good. My grandson ate the rest before bed! I swear, for a skinny looking dude he sure can eat! Wish I were that fortunate! I posted 2 new pix of him in the album with 9 pictures in it.

Keep thinking about the stuffed animal cleaner please and thanks for the suggestions so far.

I loved everyone's response to my 3rd son's blog that he wrote for me regarding my new-to-me car. He posted the pictures for me and since he was sitting here I said he may as well write the blog entry for me too.

I have been around to see most everyone...just a couple left. I'll get there after the Dr. and the errands.

Stay well...

PS. Been to the Dr. and the other errands and I have a round of Zithramax and some whoopty-doo high powered (you don't want to know!) cough syrup again. He said to the nausea, sore throat, drainage, tiredness, blah blah blah an upper respiratiory infection. I swear I wash my hand like it pays me money or something..but I can't stop folks from breathing in my face, I guess.

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