Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Still Have MY Leaves 11/06

I am all ready for the treadmill.  It's raining and no yard work today unless I wanted to excessively punish treadmill it is.  So, here I am in front of the computer, stalling.  I have my ratty stuff on, just lacking my bandanna and my paper towel bib as it were.  I tuck the thing into my neckline to mop sweat as I walk/run and avoid paparazzi.  :-) I'll just do this (she said) and get in there and hop up onto the treadmill.
Again, thank you for the congratulations.  I am as mystified as you are as to why I was accorded this honor.  But I sure appreciate it.
My title says it all.  And I might start by saying that old (and I altered it somewhat) saying about opinions.  Everyone has one.  (thought I would leave out the one word we hear in my part of the Country and keep 'er clean).
Well, I have an opinion too.  I just put that in to let you know in advance that it is an opinion and doesn't mean a thing except it, my opinion, is a thought I had.  There.  have I covered all the caveats?  If not, I will soon know about it.
I was headed down the road here a few weeks ago and admired the colored leaves that were left on the trees.  Some trees had more leaves and some were completely bare.  Rather like people sometimes.  No, I don't mean bare nekkid, people!  Sheesh!
More specifically I mean what you do with your life in an allegorical way, and how you live it.  What you are grateful for.  How do you give thanks and what do you feel moved to give back?  How much love do you have? And are you spare (lacking) in giving that love to your family, friends and to the world?  Or do you lavish it generously in varying ways?  Then you have all your leaves. 
 Helping your friends and family certainly, but volunteering to do something for someone you don't know or who is unable.  Are you one of those angels that are sent to people just when they need you?  Do you touch your  spouse or your child as you walk by to do something else..showing your love?  Then all your many leaves are beautiful with hues of gold.  Do you smile at people in stores or on the street?  I promise, they won't ask you if you are crazy.  They may smile back but if they don't, it does not matter.  Then your leaves are edged with scarlet for joy. Can you show patience and forbearance?  Not every time?  Neither can I but I can sometimes.  All this just to say that at times when I look at trees as I am going by, I reflect on my own life and how I feel generally.  I can  see myself reflected in my friends and family.  Sometimes very clearly.  I see that I still have my leaves and the ones that remain with me are worth my preserving by many applications of love and caring.  Pressed into the memories of children and friends I hope, and remembered when the book of memory is opened once my trunk has been rent and I am taken Home.

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