Sunday, August 22, 2010

If it's Morning... 12/06

If it's morning..after 9am and I am in here in front of the computer, it only means one thing. That I am avoiding the treadmill again. I am dressed for is back in an elastic, all I need to do is get on. I know. I'm waiting for my breakfast to digest, that's it!

I followed Patty's advice and started out the night sitting up somewhat in bed. Propped by pillows of course. Somewhere in the night I sank to the mattress as that's where I was when Her Majesty woke me up. I slept hard enough at one point to wake with what I am pleased to call, a sleep headache. Trying to get rid of that before I get on the treadmill too, as well as give my breakfast a little time to settle.

Talk about great luck! 3rd son had to go to his Company party last night. He was loath to go but he went. To make a long story short (I seldom do THAT!!) he won a drawing for a $2500.00 trip to anywhere he wanted to go! Now that is super!!

We went out to eat last night, a friend and me, and I have seldom enjoyed a steak more. I like how they make them at that restaurant. Had that and the requisite baked potato. My friend wound up leaving the credit card that had been used, there. Actually the server had never brought it back as it turns out. That was noticed later as we were in Wally World for some car mats, clear plastic, to go over my pretty ones in my new car. At reckoning time at the register..I paid cash for my stuff..and then I heard this flurry from my friend who discovered that the credit card used for dinner was not in the wallet any more. That has to be a horribly scary moment. Went back to the restaurant and the card was in the office waiting for it's owner.

I had written a blog not a month ago I think, entitled 'I am not a curmudgeon'. I talked about servers. This was an example of a very bad server. No silverware. It was brought to her attention and she made a crack which was funny then, that 'you can't get good help any more'. However, the silverware never appeared. I had to get the person who brought the steak to give me some silverware to eat it with. No drink refill till I tripped her (kidding) in the aisle. Then she brought a sugary one, not a diet one. Took a long time to even give us a, it wasn't THAT busy. Just turns out she was right, you can't get good help these days. In that other blog I talked about tipping. I was not led to leave a big tip, you may be sure. Then to find she never brought back my friends credit card..though the friend had the responsibility to know can't get good help these days.

I have to get on the my weights, get dressed, and enjoy the day!!!

You all do the same. Come see me, ya hear?

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