Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's Good To Be Home 11/06

I know my son feels the same way as I stated just now in my title.  It is good to be home.
I loved where we were and we had the best of times..but like everyone else..home is where you can take a shower..pad around looking crummy and just do nothing or everything and not bother anyone else.  :-)
We did have a wonderful time.  Grandson was on a Scouting trip for the weekend so it was just us 3 adults.  Missed him a lot but have to admit it was nice to have some continuous time to ourselves just this once.
We got there in Charlotte very early evening.  He had some NY Strips waiting and some mashed potatoes and green beans.  Cranberry sauce too.  We ate and I am afraid that my grandson's Halloween candy was out.  By the way, he collected 14 pounds of the stuff!!! My diet went somewhat askew.  Not horribly, but sugar is usually my downfall. 
But, we stayed up till almost midnight enjoying talking and  on getting up the next morning..I had already had a bowl of oatmeal so when they opted to eat out, I just had coffee.  However, lunch was a few food and been  a long time. So I enjoyed it.  Then supper.
We went to downtown Charlotte which is absolutely beautiful.  N. took his camera and we parked somewhere and took off walking.  We got there when the light was optimal  for any photographs and certainly for the high rise buildings we wanted to get photos of.  And he also wanted to take some after dark pictures as well.  So, we hung around downtown on foot some time waiting.  I admit my ears were cold as was my nose.  But other than say that, I tried not to complain.  I had a great time and a little ear/nose discomfort was well worth it.  Parking was at a premium as there was a professional basketball game going on in the big areana that's why we walked a bit more than we may have done otherwise.
We were going to go to Rock Bottom for supper.  You haven't lived till you've had their white cheddar mashed potatoes!!!  However , the line was out the door so we would up going to Chil-ies.  Great food but too too too much for servings. WAY to large servings.  But good..oh, man.
We took our swollen bellies over to Pet Sm-art and I bought a new carrier for my cat who has a somewhat ample and opulent physique.  Hard to get her into the carrier my more petite little girl used to use when she went to the Vet.  This girl weighs twice as much as my little Robin did.  Came home..watched Va. Tech play football VS Miami.  Watched as one of the blog family is getting her PhD there. So thought of her!
So, we trekked everywhere yesterday and had a great time.  As I said last night..didn;t spend but a couple dollars!!  For me, that's unAmerican! 
We left fairly early.  9-ish I would say, this morning for TN again.  Trip was beautiful and uneventful till we were 2, 3 miles away from youngest son's house.  Accident kept us from getting to his place (where my car was) for a long long time.  Then I had to transfer all that's new Chateau and so on, my luggage, back pack and so on to my car and get underway to MY house. 
But we made it..we had a great time and I was especially happy to have heard from Beth!  That about made my weekend.
Cheryl took a Scissor tail Flycatcher picture that is awesome.  If you haven't seen it, please do.
Viv..I passed that on and I agree fully!  Thank you.  :-)

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