Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's Thursday all Day Long,. 11/06

Oldest is in there playing a Game Boy.  I'm in here plotting my faithful companion Zack's departure.  Who is Zack?  My old Satu-rn.  I bought him in 1996.  May, matter of fact.  All he has done is ferry me from work and back home for all those years with some trips to Charlotte to see the middle boy.  So, he only has 66 thousand miles on him. If I didn't go back and forth to Charlotte so much, he'd be in the 40's.  Needless to say, it is worth going to Charlotte.  600 miles round trip or close enough.
Anyway, the car flaked out a little on me on my return to the house here this morning on going to pick up oldest son.  The check engine light came on and it seemed he was "missing" a little..enough to jar me somewhat in the car.  Naturally one's mind goes to spark plugs.  Turns out to be carbon in/on the EGR valve.  And the spark plugs appear to have some stalactites growing on them (in a manner of speaking..they are old) and the wires are showing some slight arcing.  Or this I am told.  The old boy would cost about 300$ to repair all three items with labor.  That is too much.  So I will tell the guy who wants to buy him for a going- to -work car and take one more hundred dollars off.  Because the car is a good car.  Just that did happen and he deserves to know.  If he doesn't want Zack any more then I will trade him in.
My leg hurts from my herculean efforts on the treadmill.  I have taken some pretty decent dosages of fake Tylen-ol and it really hasn't helped.  But now that it is 2030 hrs. it is easing off a little.  I guess I will give it a rest tomorrow.  I hate to in a way.  Once you give into the thing you lessen your chances of resuming.  That is if you are lazy as I am.  But..I will deal with that issue tomorrow and yes, the car is male.  ALL my cars save one, have been male.  One female. Her name was Dora.
Patty...get up on the treadmill!
Later dudes and dudettes.

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