Sunday, August 22, 2010

Just Another Day in Paraise 12/06

t is raining to beat the band out there! (where did that expression come from anyway?) And I just came in after a short trip out to get some push pins, a frame for a print of one of my son's pictures...the Cooper's Hawk.  And I got two heavier weight dumb bells.  I will have to start off slowly with those.

Brought the Sunday paper in at last.  By the time I separated out the ads and news print I never read (classifieds, jobs, travel, man stuff like sports places..then there were all the ads for computer supply places, the home hardware places..blah blah...only roughly under a third of the entire paper was left for me to read.  The rest is out there in the recycle bin as always.

I fought myself off and managed not to stop by Krystal's drive thru.  Their ads now..they are right.  Sometimes you've got to have a Krystal.  Small hamburger in a steamed bun w/ mustard, onion and a few dill pickle slices.  OH wow..good I reckon. You guys up North or out West probably never heard of them.

I have been up on the treadmill just as I was yesterday..and did my weights.  Feeling good.  Me and my sons are in a contest these past months to see who gets more time in doing this.  I added mine up and it seemed too much.  Going thru again to see if I made a mistake.  Due to this respiratory thingy I have..I had to miss 4 days total.

I wish I had a big ol' pot of pinto beans cooking.  And some cole slaw.  I don't have the beans..don't have the seasoning meat, no cabbage..looks like I'll be striking out for today.  I'll bet Terrance does though.

It was pouring so hard I didn't even try to get my stuff into the house from the trunk.  I am looking forward to trying the new weights out and seeing if my hawk print will fit in the frame I bought. Quit raining!!!!!!!!!!

I have been to see all but 3 people..saving them for after a while.  You all come back now..hear?

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