Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just Like Old Times Sorta (female type stuff)

I entitled the blog with that phrase because when I had to go and get a few groceries despite limping along (I wrapped up tight) I decided to look at blouses too, in another store.

I bought three new tops! Yes! One is white with a scoop neckline and embellished with blue embroidery along the yoke. Short sleeves. That description does not do it justice. It's one of those filmy gotta wear a camisole under type soft filmy white fabrics and it's reminiscent of the baby doll style and I promise you it's not from the junior section. I will not be embarrassed wearing it. And, I got another fitted navy top, low V neck, about 3 functional little buttons at the end of the V with tiny navy ruffles...tiny tiny... along the placket. Cap sleeves. PRETTY. I already have one but it got ruined when I stepped out and the bleach water that the house washer was using dripped on it. So I'll use that for around the house. AND I got a paisley print with navy colored "paisleys" on a heavy cream background top that is fitted with roll sleeves and button tab. Oh they look so good on. :-)

My ankle wasn't too happy walking around in there but at home on the soft carpet it's OK. I have not unwound the ACE bandage yet..I'll see how it looks later. I also bought 2 first aid kits. One big one for here and one for the car. What a maroon I was for being so totally unprepared. I even bought a walking stick if worse comes to worse. I actually could have used that two days ago.

Hope there's someone home. I've been around to some back gardens already. ♥♥♥


  1. Wow Twin, I need you to go shopping with me. I could use some help. Rae will give me some when she is here. ;-)

  2. Wish I could have shopped with you. Reminds me, I need another first aid kit.

  3. Glad you got the kit and the isn't that they way it is.. go for one thing and end up getting something entirely different. Happens all the time with me..glad you found things you liked.