Sunday, August 22, 2010

Just a lot of things 11/06

Well, a few things anyway.
What is going on with the Friends module do you think? the question often goes, "is it me?"  There are quite a few of my Friends modules that I have clicked on in the past several weeks and it says denied or out of service or worse still... no..refresh your page, you dummy.  One of those.  I have to go to my links I have on the left-hand side of my page to get to the blogs.  The Friends module seems messed up somehow.  Or, IS it "just me"?? I am glad I have that redundancy after all.  If one doesn't work you hope the other does. 
Who saw Discovery Health channel last night about Kim Peek, the Savant?  Fascinating.  We have all heard of him..he is the man that "The Rain Man" is centered on...who was being depicted when the movie was made.  We even got to see the gentleman responsible for the movie, a Mr. Morrow I think it was, who had inadvertently met Mr. Peek and asked his companion relative who he was and what was he, Mr. Peek, about as his behavior was not the norm.  Mr. Morrow, if that is his name, was fascinated with Mr. Peek's story and after all the groundwork was laid out and Dustin Hoffman became the leading actor playing Mr. Peek..we in the audience were treated to "The Rain Man." They have asked Mr. Peek if he will allow some scanning done by more sophisticated methods these days and he has allowed it.  They found he has no Corpus Collosum I think it's spelled, in his brain.  That is between the two lobes..the left and right parts of the brain.  One of the doctors told the name of that condition which certainly does not occur often and I have not remembered that right now. But it appears that the missing part of the brain allows Mr. Peek no "interference" with his absorption of any and all material at ALL...coming to his attention.  And he is constantly studying.   And no, we would not like that to happen for all of us.  I put it terribly simply.  Mr. Peek is missing a great deal of what we take for granted but he does have vast knowledge.  There might be someone you would like to research.  Well worth it.  Everyone is truly special and everyone is unique.  he proves it wonderfully.  There is much much more obviously than what I have stated here as an indicator as to the program.  I hope you got to see it.   
I have been up on the treadmill again as of yesterday after everyone left the house.  Today has been taken care of treadmillily!   and I am about to get outside.  BEE-YOO-TEE-FUL day.  Going to again be about 70 degrees.  Can't miss that.  besides..I might find something cool to do!
Come see me.  Better still, come with me.  We'll have fun and lunch is on me.

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