Sunday, August 22, 2010

LOng One 11/06

I'll tell ya, it will be a busy day for me as well as all of you. Thanksgiving and family coming in. I am expecting one son this afternoon. That meatloaf I spoke of is for today, not for Thanksgiving. We are having spiral cut smoked ham for Thanksgiving...a homemade from scratch broccoli casserole not made from the recipe on the can 'o green beans. Mashed potatoes, corn, cranberry sauce, all the requisite things and pecan pie. The chess pie I made yesterday was an untried recipe and it was a flop. Such a colossally huge flop I threw the thing out including the pie pan which was ruined. It turned into a congealed nightmare hard as lava. Notwithstanding the mess it made in my oven floor as it never said place the pie pan on a cookie sheet. Learned that a bit late! Whoever posted that recipe was a sadist and loved messing with people. You'd have to be here and see the recipe.

Anyway, I read one of the blogging family is still going through it with a very bad cold. It reminded me of some of my own adventures as the kids were growing up. The blogger has kids but did not say they are the ones who brought home the cold for her..but I will tell you, it was always MY kids who brought them and worse home to me!

I remember the oldest was in Mother's Morning Out once in a while and developed this matter in the corner of his eye. Looked like "sleep" as they say in my part of the Country. So, (and iI am sure you know where this is going) I picked it out, and when it re-appeared, I picked it out again. Needless to say, within a few days, I TOO had the matter in the corner of MY eyes, and when it got sufficiently bad enough I dragged the three kids and myself to the Pediatrician. He said the oldest was just gettting over Pink Eye and that I HAD Pink Eye and that it was common that mom's wouldn't necessarily know their child had the illness when they were cleaning up their kids and thereby infected themselves if they had not washed their hands after every contact with the child's eye. Who has time to wash their hands after every touch of your children? Not I, what with 3. All near the same age what's more. However, it was then I learned what Pink Eye was and what not to do. He picked it up in Mother's Morning Out. It's highly contagious. You live and you learn.

Meanwhile, if and when they caught the flu in elementary school they gave it to me.(never their dad...go figure!) and there were times when one or sometimes two were in bed with me all day and night till we got over it. Plastic lined buckets on either side of the bed when you couldn't make it across the hall. Oh, man. Those are definitely times I don't want to re-live. Once the school called and said the middle had the flu and come get him. I said if the house were on fire I couldn't leave. I was prostrate in the bed after literally collapsing while trying to make the bunk beds. I crawled to my bed. The Principal was not happy but brought him home himself for me. I know he thought I was a bad mom. Hope he got the flu. (kidding).

Ah the joys of raising kids..and there are many many joys. But there are those, well, um...sorta down times when you are sick as a dog and then someone else has to take a chance with their health and come tend all of ya. Or dad has to stay home..that's always an option one doesn't want to contemplate often!

For years, I have avoided home made chicken soup because I had been on my long 7 mile walk and on returning, prepared for a bowl..first bowl of it since it had finished cooking. Within hours I was so sick I thought I was going to leave this world. Turned out not to be food poisoning..the Dr. said..what else..I had the flu. But even knowing that it was flu, I could never make myself put together chicken soup ever again. The boys and their dad ate that soup. I didn't even want to look at it.

OK. Done. Sorry it was so long. (what else is new, you ask?)

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