Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meandering like a River I am 11/06

Just back after a trip out to down town. Christmas based errands.

Right after I got off the treadmill this morning (and believe me, I stalled for an hour)! And by the way, who or what installed a switch hooked from the treadmill to the telephone? For the phone will ring every TIME I am up there! Usually, if I am really gasping and groaning I won't stop and let the machine answer. However sometimes I do get off and sound like an obscene caller  or perhaps I should say answerer when I try to say "hello". I do that (answer) if I am expecting someone to call regarding something I need to know or so.

Anyway, off the treadmill about to do my weenie style weight lifting and here comes the snow. Our first. Just a heavy flurry. But believe WILL be a real snow within a few weeks.

I did my face, dressed again and headed out and on my way back, heavily laden with wrapping paper, tags and bags, I noticed the sky color. Palest satiny blue in three shades melding one into the other. Clouds that looked like spilled cream this time as they were not puffy nor did they have what one could be pleased to call 'defined edges'. Very nice. It led me on to other Winter pleasures and one of these I have spoken of several times before that being the slant of the sun across the deck, yard, whatever you will. Of course, we all of us know that the sun enjoys differing positioning throughout the year depending upon the season. I love the look of it in Fall and Winter. It has to be all in my mind. Some very pleasant, not on the surface of my mind, memories. Not in the forefront of my memory apparently, so I cannot recall what was so wonderful that when conditions seem to be duplicated, a feeling of serenity and peace and joy as well, come. All that from the slant of the sun..the crisp feel to the air. But it does go back to early childhood, I lnow that for certain. Must have been a time of peace and love.

As it is cold and windy, I wore my Disne-y character jacket, Win-nie the Po-oh. I love that thing. It is baseball style..heavy. Denim body, stone colored sleeves, and best of all Win-nie on the front, the back and the sleeve at the shoulder. That jacket is a conversation starter no matter where I am. Dis-ney appears not to have hardly any adult cloth-ing in character styles any longer. Just a few. I don't know what happened. They seemed to have stopped doing that much after the year 2000. I suppose they did not sell as well. I will never know. No catalog now. One must try to shop on-line or go to the increasingly smaller stores in the Malls.

For Sandra, if she reads this, the cat loves nothing much better than to be brushed so she was glad to get her new brush. She has long fur and if I don't keep after it, she mats and tangles. I think she instinctively knows this.

I am using Firefox, (Mozilla) browser today. It is a million times better acting than I.E. I am sorry to say! I had the most oddest thing happen with I.E. this morning. Gazillions of blank I.E. pages started loading, all on their own for no reason discernible. I had to forcibly quit to get out of it.

This is getting to be another book. I'll stop. Take care. Love your friends and family.

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