Saturday, August 7, 2010

Much Anticipated Unveiling of Windows

More commentary to come later but here it is: the great unveiling of September. Those of you faithful friends already know what this refers to but those of you are not my friends yet but will be soon should know this:
These pictures represent the great liberation of my bedroom from 23 years of government oppression (I mean shift working employment). I finally was able to rip those down. The bright side is that I was able to reuse the aluminum for some baked potatoes later. Well, not quite. I fashioned a hat to keep the martians from reading my thoughts. But that is for another day. Then again, maybe that didn't happen. I don't know. Depends on which personality becomes dominant at what time of day. I sometimes rely on one of my sons to bring forth the correct one. At least I think they do it. No I don't. Maybe. Well, sometimes I enlist them to type for me because they can type faster than me on this miniscule keyboard. I think I'll pay for dinner now, too.

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