Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Aching Back

I am serious about that title.  I have bad a bad lower back for three years now.  I have also been up on the treadmill daily since 10/5.  It's a vow I made to myself and there are no time excuses any longer.  I was up on it hard and for a longer time yesterday and it affected my lower back a little.  Painful. .  Enjoyed the treadmill though..I was reading Go-od House-keeping and enjoying the articles so I just kept on.  My thighs were a little sore later in the day but no problem.  Glad those adductors got some use. I got back up this morning but was interrupted as I am every day by the phone.  I gasped that they call me back later.  I answer in case it is an important call I have been expecting.  Anyway, got back up there tonight as well as this morning.  Hope I keep that up.  I am trying to pay back for the dinners and all that candy..some of which I gave away.  Not my youngest's  birthday gift to me though.  His was really Belgian.  I thought it was Godiva and I made a mistake.  It was far and away different than Godiva.  No wonder it tasted like Nirvana.
Then, all those birthday cakes..gees.  So, treadmilling we go.
I also hit the, not to rob it, just to get the teller's signature on some paperwork I need.  I re-upped on some other things that needed doing and I am current at this time.
I am going to ask my youngest when he would like us to head out to the wilds of the car places.  I want a new car.  This guy, my Sa-turn, is 10 years old going on 11.  He's in great shape and only has 64,000 miles on him.  Well maintained and driven back and forth to work besides my going to Charlotte sometimes to visit the middle boy.  That's it.  Who has had time for a LIFE!?  Not ME!  But I do now.  Till I start another job..and then it will be 8 hrs. and no more midnight shifts and no more 12 hr. shifts. I want to get what the middle son has.  He has a Toy-ota Cor-olla. I really want what the youngest has but it drinks a little too much gasoline as it HOLDS  (bigger tank) more than my little feller does. LOVE it tho.  It is a Sa-turn V-ue.  Black.  Really cool!!!
I'll tell you what.  I forgot one benefit of a little sweating up on the treadmill.  My complexion looks radiant.  Especially since I quit smoking months ago.  The added circulation from exertion are a real benefit.  Patty?  You listening???
I am going to start some light weights too.  No longer any excuse not to.  I'll never work back up to my old power lifting days.  My 320 pound deadlifts  and squats are  not something I want to achieve any more.  I am  in the weenie stage anyway.  So a little will do to start.
I think I have been around to every one except the 100 year loading time one.  I'll get that one last of all. 

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