Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Goodness

I can honestly say I can't recall the last time (before yesterday evening) that I was grouchy.  That's not like me, believe it or not.  But I am over it and again conscious of my blessings. 

One of my sons will be here mid afternoon.  he is the one I am making tacos for and thanks to Beth, I remembered to go out and get some sour cream and I had forgotten grated cheese too.  I'm all fixed up now. 

I took Victoria (camera) out and we found a few colorful flowers left to take some photos of.  I seem to be addicted to the macro mode.  I just automatically set it to manual, guess at the aperture and ISO before I even leave the house.  Saves me a few steps.  I'm holding back a few to post when it's cold and dreary.

Well, I need to help Miss Catt update her blog..see you guys when I get over to your house. 


  1. My dear sister I wish I could say that I'm not often cranky...sometimes I think this directs my taste in music that can say it all for me. Tacos sound great but we're going with fish that Lovely cooked up in a new and marvelous way...I tried some already I must confess and it's spectacular. I'm with you on the camera. I almost never use the auto setting anymore and am usually glad for it. It's a pefect weather day..seventy-six right now but storms are predicted. I may have to get some pictures of that! Have a great day!

  2. Enjoy the tacos and the visit with family.
    P. S. I am grouchy quite a bit. ;-)

  3. Oscar.... is all over the place

    Do gouches like company....?

    now me..... likes tacos

  4. Sounds like you're all set for pictures and guests. Tacos sound delish! What time is dinner served?

  5. I having a stinking bad mood for last two weeks.
    NON stopped rains, but Tacos dish make good cheer for me this stage:-)

  6. ugh, I felt cranky also-
    I thought it was dehydration - boy it was hard to keep my mouth shut.