Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Need your input

I had several places to head to and wore actual shoes for the first time since the injury. I went carefully and it seems alright.  My knee looks scabby of course but it's just sensitive now.  My ankle has turned that shade of green that healing bruises turn and as long as I am cautious I can get along alright.  I think. I'll check, that the swelling on top if the foot has abated.  Yup.

Today has been FABULOUS!  yesterday was too and we've had sun both days.  No grinding heat and humidity and the evenings have both been in the 60's.  I am so grateful!!

I was supposed to go over the mountains this weekend but I knew I couldn't climb steps in my son's home I am. 

What else for Thanksgiving dinner would you suggest rather than ham or turkey?  Suggestions?  Side dish thoughts?

Also...very important to me:  HOW in the world can I keep those filthy nasty slimy slugs off my house siding???  Please tell me.

I'll check back..anxious for your thought on both.


  1. a buffalo roast....corn bread, squash, apple salad n nuts w cranberry's

    maybe a side of elk

    thank goodness ... got months yet...

    lost me thought crown...

  2. Because I do not eat Turkey or Ham, last year I made lobster tails for thanksgiving, figuring it was supposed to be a feast an lobster represents a special occasion food in our culture..

  3. The Lobster tail sure sounds good. Or maybe steak and Lobster :)

  4. goose or duck? Or a Turducken-I have had turducken yum!
    the only thing I know for slugs is salt, or containers of beer that they drown in.

  5. What about a cornish hen or two? Papa and I do that because it's just the right size for each of us and you can really get some great recipes for a good rub...

    Oh dear, my mouth is watering!

  6. You could always make your famous meatloaf with some cornbread, carrots and all your other favorites. Beer is the only thing I've ever heard of to get rid of slugs.

  7. Lovely would be a far better one to suggest menu items my friend and as far as slugs...couldn't tell you we have no such things here it seems. I hope you continue to heal at a quick pace. Seeing mom suffer with her recovery after breaking her ankle gives me all new compassion.