Sunday, August 22, 2010

Next Invention I would love to have 11/06

I only get this way if I have been frustrated in traffic. "What way?" you ask. Well, I try to be inventive in my thinking so I can wile away the moments I am being frustrated by something happening while I am driving. In this case, I thought of something one of my son's invented so to speak.

It was a thought he had and told to make us laugh as we were stuck somewhere on the Interstate because some folks just don't believe it when the signs plainly say (and put up by the State's Department of Transportation no less to HELP you if you would just read and heed!) when the signs state plainly " Left lane closed in 2 miles". Now tell me what is not to understand about that sign? Guess what. As you travel on, these two lanes will become ONE lane..yes, ONE lane after you have driven 2 miles. So, as you are rocketing along 70 mph or less (or more) you should be thinking about merging over to the right lane should you happen to be in the left lane. You should not continue blithely about your way just knowing that the lane just might not be closed (it ALWAYS is!) or that if it IS indeed closed, why someone will let you in, won't they?

That is inconsiderate and rude. Because sooner or later, those drivers who refused to do the right thing and move over/merge are clotted up at the closure, signal lights blinking, necks straining, eyes trying to make contact with the hapless drivers in the correct lane asking silently to be let in. And let in ahead of those who obeyed the signage!!!

What does that do? Well, the law abiding driver probably lets the inconsiderate boor in ahead of himself...then a few folks in the correct lane drive on but...what? there are MORE drivers who are still in the closed lane wanting in ahead of you. Good folks will let you in...just as you knew they would but guess what? You created a bottle neck and a collossal slow down on the Interstate just because like Burger King TM you wanted it YOUR way. Oh, the invention I spoke of before I started this rant.

Middle son said he wished he could buy a real traffic light. Attach it to the front bumper of his car.  Have it always on green facing him so that he always has the green light and opposing traffic has the red light. Then he could just keep on going no matter the conditions. After all, he'd have the green light!!! Gosh, sounds like what those people who just keep on driving despite warnings ahead, I think. I may be nursing a viper to my own family bosom!!!! :-)

But we laughed when he said it and another added he wished he had fork lifts attached to the front end of the car to slip under the rear of the car ahead of us (him) and get slow pokes off the road.

Anyway, just a friendly rant. All I was going to do was talk about that perpetual green light and wham! I started a rant.

Anyway, have a good 'un...see ya on the road!!!

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