Tuesday, August 17, 2010

♫ ♫ Oh what a feelin'

Been up since 0547 today.,  Left the house at 0715 and went to stay with my youngest's son's home while the contractor is there tearing up his bathroom and fixing multiple problems. I was there 10 hours.  Have to go back tomorrow and if I don't hear again from the house washer, I may be there for half a day on Thursday.  I had to cancel to help my boy out.  He's worth that and more.

I am sleepy as all get out though because I knew I had to get up..hence I kept checking the clock all night long.  Me and her will hit the bed sooner tonight.  I got to bed later than I wanted to last night as I was at that dinner meeting to hear a speaker I like and know personally. I had a killer of a sandwich called a meatball grinder and it was superb.  However, I had a heavy belly feeling because we ate after 1900.  Never good for me to do if the food is "heavy".

I took my iPod though and read emails on all 3 of my accounts, and I Twittered, and Face Booked some. 

Been around trying to see whomever blogged.



  1. Never heard of a meatball grinder sandwich. It sounds heavy. Have fun house sitting. Not many are blogging lately, I think it's the weather.

  2. Hi Carole. It is nice that you are close enough to be able to help out your son. I am sure he appreciates it.
    Love meatballs but haven't had them on a sandwich. Sounds good but maybe a little earlier in the day.
    I am off work tomorrow morning but have to take Jesse in to the vets to get his teeth cleaned and then off to work in the afternoon. I have been spending as much time as I can outdoors, since I am indoors all day long working at my clients.
    Well you take care and sleep well, and have a great rest of the week.
    xx's Dianne :)

  3. Your son is yes worth it all Carole .Seems at this time in our lives we still.. loose sleep over our children. Get some rest. You and her, and tell her to be good and stay on her pillow.

  4. Carole I love the world visitors up in the corner. I havent seen that one before.

  5. Meatball Grinder sounds great to me. Got in from work about 8:00p.m. and too tired (lazy) to cook, so ended up having two bowls of Kellogs Frosted Flakes. Had to have some meat....scrounged around in fridge and found 1/2 of ahamburger rhat I grilled over weekend. Nuked it in microwave.
    My meals have gone to hell since "bitter half" went on another diet!

  6. The rooster crows.... n life rambles on

    remodeling n fix up are projects

  7. Forgive my absence...
    I was away where there was no
    internet,TV,Cell service,or long distance phone.
    I really didn't do well!

  8. That sandwich sounds pretty good Carole! I've had a meatball sandwich before but I expect what you had was more fancy then that. It sounds like you're keeping yourself busy and that's the pefect time for the i-Touch...ask me how I know!