Sunday, August 22, 2010

Once More With Feeling 12/06

Cool.  I feel much better..they feel much better and are on their way to CLT.

I have been in a housecleaning frenzy.  I wouldn't not have it messy from a visit.  You can always clean! But I have that done except the bathroom (that's after this..I am stalling).  I also got up on the treadmill and did my weights for the first time in three days.  Did great and that iPod really does help.  It is more a reward for working out than the workout itself!!!  LOVE that thing!!! I remember back in the old days walking the track, or up and down the hills here, even the treadmill with the headphones on and tuned to an FM station for the rock music.  Hated the commercials.  Seems like they lasted a lot longer than the songs.  Say you jogged around the track 4, 5 times and WHAM!  There's a really GOOD one on and you can't stop even though your legs are tired.  So you keep on going till that great song is over and hope against hope another great one doesn't come on.  'Cause then you'd have to walk, run or something till THAT one was done. Sure takes the boredom out of the routine, I'll attest to that.

Maybe my 2nd son did not give me the dreaded stomach virus.  I seem symptom free so far.  Have no idea of the incubation time though.  I'm still trying to deal with my own respiratory stuff. Ooops..I pledged not to get into that stuff again today.

All that chicken soup, homemade rolls, fudge, cookies, tea and whiskey that came thru the modem for me from the blogging family really helped!  I can talk now!  I will do the same for you all.  

It's 1430 and I don't even have a face on today.  Was waiting for them to leave noonish..and knew I was going to clean and get on the treadmill so, saw no use in doing my face.  Sure not going to now.  Anything I have to do outside and downtown will wait for tomorrow.

Our Bowl game is on Monday!  GO VOLS!!!

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