Sunday, August 22, 2010

.One thing to Remember 12/06

And that one thing for me to remember is: They really meant it when they warned of side effects. Those weren't meaningless take-up-space words at all. When the paperwork that accompanied the prescriptions I got yesterday said may cause caused dizziness. I thought to go ahead with the treadmill today as I missed it yesterday. All was well for 25 minutes and then, the "better get off before it throws you off" hit. So, obedient woman that I am..I quit. BUT I will try again later and or tomorrow. But I soldier on. slowly but surely.

It is another Spring like day out there. The temps were in the 10's and teens at night mind you..20's-low 30's in the day and now..that is the low at night and it is 65 or more in the day. They have always said something about the roller coaster effect of the weather here and they were right. High one day, low the next.

I had to cancel a lunch as I am infectious. I hated to do that as I was so looking forward to it but once I got so tired on the treadmill and had to sit down, I was glad I canceled anyway. Not at my best but I must look good..see yesterday's blog! I know what that was all about. My hair was gleaming like a newly minted penny when I came out of the Salon. I make it shine too but she has what it takes to make it more high powered than I can. It gleamed! And I was wearing black all over with chunky silver. I looked nice in order to go to battle (the Doctor's office). ( I hate going to the Dr. as I go so seldom) I was telling a blog friend what I meant by flirting yesterday. Well, this wasn't example I am about to write wasn't necessarily a good example but... it was an exchange of pleasantries. Sort of. The Pharmacist is a super neat guy and has a good "presence" about him. After signing for the medicines and hearing him make a humorous remark, I told him (after all, it's nice, children!) that it was always a pleasure to deal with him as Pharmacist as he was always just so pleasant and had a great personality. He just beamed and said thank you. I said " And I am too". (pleasant and easy to deal with) and he just rolled! It broke him up. That's what I meant by his being pleasant to deal with. I love a sense of humor and he can tell also that I have a healthy enough self esteem going. However the two guys who followed me out of the pharmacy were potential admirer material. Just I had to get on home to take my medicines and collapse, and so I had to decline the offer of coffee next door. The whole thing was funny on a gloomy day and one in which I felt bad. You have to make your own sunshine 'cause no one else will.

Meanwhile..I have finished my exercise and need to put on my face and git outta Dodge for awhile.

I've been to see you all. Come see me.

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