Saturday, August 7, 2010

Proud Mom

Look out!  Proud mom!!!  I believe it should start "Let me tell you about my son!"
He had his second picture printed in full color in a local newspaper.  The first one was black and white, strangely, of Cade's Cove.  I said strangely as he sent it in color. However, he uploaded this one is color and it is printed in color.  I must have gotten 8 newspapers.  It is a Cooper's Hawk or Sharp Shinned Hawk, we can't tell.  It was in the silver maple in his front yard the very day I showed up with the new laptop for some help.  He had just taken about 50 pics of the hawk a minute before I turned into his driveway.  Needless to say this is a digital SLR camera, Nikon by maker. I believe several of you still have his Nikon forum address.  All his better ones are posted there for the critiques he can get from the pros.But I am so proud for and of him.  It blew my doors off when I came in his door and saw that camera since he upgraded again.  There must be 18 inches  of lens protrusion from the end of the camera body including the hood.  Thing looks like a weapon.
It is raining to beat the band out there. At least my pansies are getting a good drink and they look happy.  Standing right up showing those beautiful faces.  I have apricot color, standard purple, red, so-called 'black', periwinkle blue, yellow, combos of all those colors, white with beautiful purple faces.  Purple with white faces!! It's all good. 
I had lunch with a friend.  We barely broached politics..just a sentence.  But enough to know which way we lean.  But we're still friends and didn't have a food fight or anything!!
Then I headed out to get those newspapers.
Other than that..dull rainy day.  Hope you all are OK.  And that you have a good weekend planned.  GO VOLS!

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