Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rats 11/06

Heck, I forgot!  The car acting up (darn you, Zack!) messes up my date this weekend!  R. and I were headed to the country to visit friends of his really, but they and I get along super well.  There is a party Saturday.  He, R, lives 45 minutes away so it is easier on him when we go to that couple's home if I go to his place and then he drives us to theirs.
I cannot trust Zack now.  He needs that work I spoke of last night. To be on that narrow 2 lane road in the middle of nowhere and  then he decide to carbon up and quit...nope, I don't think so.  Michiko-san, he, my friend R. comes from where you are.  An island just off that Country.
Anyway, there goes a wonderful weekend!  I love J&S and I hate not to be able to go unless R. wants to come allllll the way here to make it happen.  That would be 2 hrs on the road for him.  We will see.  If you see me blogging 1900 hrs. Saturday night, you'll know!
My leg and ankle are better but I decided not to push the envelope and stayed off the treadmill.  Taking oldest home here in an hour or so.  He's messing with my Palm Pilot.He also brought back the hard drive of the now dead laptop (that awful thing i went through a few weeks ago and blogged about).  My software engineer son the youngest will try as well to recover data. Oldest gave it a try go.
I have so enjoyed making some new friends since the honor accorded me and three others.  Thank you for coming to see me and for commenting.  I love my old friends and now, more to love. 
I will kiss Zack on both cheeks before he goes to a new owner Marilyn, and thanks for the smiles!!!  Glad you understand as he is a family member.  Some of you may have read the blog about Zack, the Elder Statesman ( the Camaro Z-28) here about 6-7 weeks ago.  It like to have killed me when he had to leave.  Someone kil-led him. 
Love when anyone comments about their vehicles' names and whether they are male or female.  One of my sons had a Mitsubishi 3000GT that he named Major ( it was a male) because it cost so MUCH!

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