Sunday, August 22, 2010

Reperat After Me 12/06

Anything that doesn't kill me just makes me stronger...

Thus saith my poor son in there with the stomach virus, his son who is complaining about not feeling well and me with my stuff going on. BUT I do believe I am on my way up finally. If I don't get my boy's stomach virus.

Meanwhile it was an absolutely wonderful day out there. Couldn't go far as I needed to apply cold wet compresses onto the 103 temp forehead over there on the couch!! Poor guy and he has to head back to CLT of he can tomorrow. He's an educator and school starts Tuesday.

But beautiful day and about 60 degrees. That is ridiculous for a Winter day. If everyone had been well though, you know me. Me and the camp chair would be out by the lake again!!! Of course this time I wouldn't be doing much talking on the cell! Even the laryngitis is better. I am croaking pretty well once again. Just a little hoarse sounding :-)

I had planned to make spaghetti and 'meata ballas' (remember the old Alka Seltzer commercials?) tonight but of course, ain't no way anyone in here has the appetite for such. Neither of them has done more than drink liquids today. Hey, we know things could be a whole lot worse. We're talking about it but we're not complaining. Oh my..he's asleep again. I hear him snoring.

I will pledge to you not to make any more chronicles of everyone's sickness after this one. That gets mighty old when you go to a blog and see the same ol' same ol' about the blog writer or someone else in the bloggers life's illness when it's such a penny ante deal anyway. So more of this stuff.

Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty too. I have a lot of house cleaning to do (believe me..but worth every moment of cleaning to me) so I doubt I will find time to go out and enjoy the weather. There will be more beauty in the weather to enjoy as we go along toward Spring.

Hope everyone in the blog family is well. I think I have been to see everyone but one since I got up this morning. I know of one who is really ill. Got an email from her this evening. She and I have been having problems for a week or more. Just hers are far and away worse than mine.  I will tell you this however, no way have I been on the treadmill in several days/

More tea!! More cookies!!! More soup and home made rolls! And step on it!

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