Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rowdy Friends 8/4/10

I'm going out with all my rowdy friends again today!  I could use some company to chase away this past weekend for awhile.  So, I'm looking forward to it.

I mentioned in Face Book that I went out to change the water in the birdbath and got 8, count 'em, 8 mosquito bites in that couple of minutes.  I wonder what it takes to get me to change clothes and put on long pants and long sleeved shirts?  Apparently more than 8 mosquito bites because I persist on walking out  there wearing shorts and tank top.  Of course they gnaw on me.  Carole, get a CLUE!

The middle son is at Destin on the beach in FL. for a few more days. They drove down.  He said the heat and humidity is suffocating BUT the ocean is a gorgeous azure blue and the water is a perfect temperature.  I lived in Central FL for a long time and I remember that heat and humidity very well..believe me.

I thought I would stop in for a minute here and see what you all are doing today..  Here is a picture of the monument at Washington's Crossing near  New Hope PA. He really did cross the Delaware River there and it's very close to the battle of Trenton..just a couple of miles away. 


  1. I hate mosquitos and it's been an annoying year fot them here too. I hate it when they go right past the repellant and bite anyway...sheesh! Love the picfture Carole. American History never ceases to amaze me! Hope you have a good and mosquito bite free day!

  2. Watch those skeeters as they are thick this year because of all of the rain we have had.
    Have fun with your friends.

  3. Have some rowdy times my friend in ah legal an common sense thingie. Why is it we don't take time to do what we should. I know you love caring for the birds but feeding skeeters is ah bit much...hee hee!

  4. Thanks for posting the picture of the monument. The stream in the background looks like a regular size Creek.
    From the painting that we are used to seeing, you'd almost imagine a stream to be as wide as the Ohio River!

  5. Hi Carole. Hope you had a rowdy good time with your friends.
    You did a really good job on this photo. Love how you framed it. Good lighting also.
    We are lucky where I live in the city, the skitters don't find me until around 8 or so in the evening. Makes a difference when you are near a wooded arean I am sure.
    Well you take care. I have been thinking of you.
    Dianne :)

  6. No thank you Sis! that awful the mosquitoes..
    I was going to come over BUT I had change mind
    then wait for couple of week later?
    The monument of washington's crossing picture has nice back around.
    Enjoy your day,
    xoxox Sis.

  7. I'd bite but I hate leaving marks. Just kidding. Carole, I came by to thank you SO much for leaving that wonderful note on my page. I've been thinking of you, too, and hope you're doing alright or at least as well as can be expected. It's really tough, isn't it. Today is/was Mom's 86 birthday and in 2 days it will be the first anniversary of her death and 2 weeks of Curtis's. Whew, it's hard, I tell ya. Well, I know I'd posted that I wasn't going to blog OR visit but it was different in this case. I wanted to send you a huge hug and a ty for taking the time to worry about me when you were going through a family funeral of your own. You are something else and I thank you for your thoughts, but mostly thank you for you being you.
    xoxoxo (cya in blogland in a few weeks)

  8. I was eaten by mosquitos too I think on my holiday. I wasnt perpared for them at all. They got me in a few places really good. Too hot for lots of close also. I have afterbite I put on them and used cool water. They even bit me under my eye. Hope you had a wonderful time out.
    I love history and what you did take a photo of . Thanks Carole.
    Hugs my Little Sister. :)