Sunday, August 22, 2010

Secret 11/06

Ah, not too secret I guess.  At least not while I was working where I was.   On midnights when nothing was going on and it was as quiet as the proverbial tomb, I could be caught with it half hidden under some paperwork  at my desk)' Caught with what' you ask?  I got all that typed before I named the vi-ce!!  How to get out of this written blog conundrum?  (I know! I'll spread judicious use of parenthetical statements!  That's what I'll do, in order to explain what on earth I am talking about!) (here it comes)
 I was up on the treadmill...just got off ten minutes ago..still sweating mightily I might add...and  to pass the time, I was reading Star magazine.  It is a celebrity mag and I have that secret vi-ce.  I not only buy it..I subscribe to it.  (along with approximately 10 magazines other) (I am a voracious reader...of books as well).  Anyway, I was up there reading along about Jay Z and his squeeze Beyonce and there was a huge flash!  I was so into reading this silliness I thought it was a flashbulb going off and looked out the window to my left to see who had vaulted up to my deck (like they could!!) and took a photo of me groaning and sweating on the treadmill looking really bad with my thin man's A shirt and a pair of ratty shorts.  And a bandana tied around my forehead and a paper towel tucked bib style into the neckline of the shirt. 
Gee whiz.  No one was out there taking my picture!  I wasn't a celeb after all!  But that flash was followed by a deafening crash and pelting rain.  So looks like I will be spared going out into the yard for some more leaf hauling.  I laughed at Beth's comment in the blog before this whereupon she stated she got out her mower and blew her leaves into the neighbors yard.  Heck, I would too except smarty pants here had a fence put up and so they escape my wrath.
Had my usual bowl of gruel as I like to call it.  Jazzed up some with cinnamon, spray "butter" and a handfull of walnut pieces.  A packet of sweetner too for good measure. 
It is almost 10 and I still have my weight workout to do and my face to apply! 

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