Sunday, August 22, 2010

Smokin' 11/06

There are several definitions that come to mind when we hear or see the word "smokin'".  Depending on your age perhaps, you may thing of, well, the act of smoking a cigarette.  Or you may think of any smoldering thing such as a fire almost out. You may as I do if I hear and read that word, think of someone who is good looking to the nth degree and se-xy to boot!!
However- this morning the only definition I have  for that word is the smoldering remains of my wallet/credit card.  I've been Christmas shopping on-line as well as out in the "real" world.  Whew!  Mercy!  I save orders, receipts and so on either paper or email ones in a folder(s) and I will tote up the damage so far. I'm done with one son and the grandson.  Have two sons to go and almost done with the other son.  Just one son to go really and some on the other one.  I really need to start wrapping and getting a grip on what I have in there.  The corner of the bedroom is overflowing out into the room with stuff.
I have (can't NOT tell you about is part of my reward system (and may be a punishment to readers ) been up on the treadmill this morning.  I see I have gone from twice a day to once a day.  Laziness.  BUT as long as I am up there once a day and sweat mightily, I'll be OK.
I have a bit of Christmas shopping to do this morning.  Just one place to go.  Trying to get the red out of my face (exertion) before I do the make-up thing and then I will go on out.
I have been around to most all of you this morning.  I stepped over to you from other's pages sometimes so my foot print may not be there.  But I have roosted on many a blogger porch this past year waiting for you to come out to play..I think you will know I was there by the scent of Joy I left behind. (That was a Christmas present last year from one of my sons, by the way). But if you weren't home or up yet, I'll be back.

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