Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stunningly beautiful day

You would almost think it was October the sky is so blue and the clouds so gorgeous.  The weather is quite warm but not too humid.  Altogether a day to make you glad to be alive.  And I am. 

I was going back out again after church but wound up cleaning the house, reading the Sunday paper, posting one to Flickr and admiring the cat.  I have run into a brick wall figuratively speaking and can't think of anything at all I want to take a photo of.  All the flowers except the most plain ones, are done..I need a better lens to get the birdies, and noting is appealing to me.  I just hit a slump.  Me and the camera go out, and we come back with nothing. Ah first slump.

I can still (of course) easily tell that Fall is slowly but still,  inexorably. If nothing else, maybe once we have a true cold snap I can get rid of the last of the fruit flies that always no matter what you you wash them, come in with peaches. I hate those things but I never get my hands clapped together fast enough to do them in.

Have to go get my pillow off the deck where it has been sunning.  I am looking around at the groomed carpet with a smile.  The house always looks good for 24 hrs, after I clean it.  How that cat can make such a mess I will never understand but she does.  I have trackable carpet, plush, and I see every single solitary paw print. Every one.
 See you when you blog.  I have been to see Cindy, Granny and Toodie.


  1. It is a grand day today here too. Sorry to hear your in a slump. I wonder how that Muskovy duck is doing by the water. I take my vac hose and suck up the fruit flies...ha haa. It's hard to believe Ms Catt could be so messy. But she is Queen you know ;-)

  2. It has been a very nice day here too, hot but the humidity is not unbearable. The flies are thick here too. Nasty things.

  3. I cannot for the life of me understand this weather here. The massive cool down and nasty hail storm today was beyond what I've ever seen. I've seen summers that have day after day in the hundred but not this year at all. What can ya do? I had no idea that the messes were generaly caused by the Miss...that's royalty!

  4. Been throwing it down here, so we very nearly didn't go shopping. (which caused K to panic!) We did eventually set off during a slight lull in the rain soaked clouds. Brightened up in the afternoon though (when safely home) I'm beginning to think I was a cat in a past life seeing as I hate the rain so much.

  5. I remember one time someone telling me there's always something to take pictures of. I thought about that for a long time and it's true, that's why I always carry a camera wherever I go. Hope you get out of your slump, because you take so many fantastic pictures. We'll miss seeing them.

  6. Its really cool here , with rain and could freeze tonight. Carole I have been in a slump as you put it with my camera and it will pass. Believe me. It will . Remember Two steps forward and one step back. I know its a hard place to be at times .
    Thinking about you.
    and it will come. It will.