Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thanksgiving 11/06

I know I am not the only one who has been busy today.  Man alive.  I hipped and hopped.  I ran, I swabbed, I cooked, I served, I cleaned, blah blah blah same as everyone else.  One thing I won't do again is scalloped potatoes. The smoked ham was good and I sent a large portion of leftovers home with the oldest...the youngest did not want any.  The middle ate 'em while they were hot.  The pecan pie is gone as is the pumpkin.  I got none of any of it as I re-started the Atkins diet again. I didn't want the ham even though that is acceptable.  It is the only diet that I have been successful with.  I will only stay on it for awhile.  That is, as I have already blogged about, because I gained some weight after I quit smoking last Spring.  Hardly fair for a consequence but I am not the only one, that is for sure, to gain after smoke cessation. I can't seem to get (the weight I gained) off and it IS affecting my feeling of well being somewhat.  So, it's not vanity.  No one knows I have gained really.  (Call me Master of Disguise)!  I just want to feel better and stop feeling so over stuffed.
Other than that, an absolutely beautiful day full of family.  I love it.  We all went to the Marina afterward and youngest took lots of pictures out of which maybe  5 will survive.  First time I have been with him when a fellow Nikon photographer approached and said he had to ask what the youngest son's equipment was as there was so much of it.  Heck.  Looks like 18 inches of lenses/hood protruding off the front of the camera.
Tomorrow is Black Friday/  You all going out to get stuff for Christmas?  I have completely finished.  Wrapped and put away.  But they are getting up early i do believe and going out.  Tell you what, I got a winner of a TV a few years middle got a great leather jacket for what?  $39.00 I think?  His dad bought him a beauty of one last Christmas.  I have a black suede one with the orange T for UT on it that he is salivating over.  It too is on sale...of course after I bought it a few weeks ago!
Grandson is asleep...two sons are wants some company in the living room and those of you in the blogging family...I am very grateful for you all.  And I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday full of friends and family.

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