Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thither and Yon 11/06

Or something like that.

I have been on yon treadmill for the required time..and then, off to the grocery. I have had to revise my eating standard and try again. Something that worked for me before though I hate to do the restrictive eating thing. Have to admit that with the newly re-started regimen this morning I feel better physically. I have been uncomfortable after eating certain foodstuffs and it came to me of late that I am allergic to them. I have some strong allergies to certain foods. I found that out the hard way. That and Ibuprofen and aspirin. I think I blogged about it not too long ago. It was mouth felt strange..finally I looked and half my tongue was swollen. By the time I got dressed the other half was as well..and I had a hard time breathing. Like the ultra smart person I was...sigh... instead of calling the ambulance, I set off in my car with a CELL PHONE like I could talk! NOT!!!! and walked into the local hospital ER. I just opened my mouth, handed her a note saying "Here is my insurance card. I can't talk and I can hardly breathe". I was triaged and seen in minutes. But it took about 5 hrs. for me to be able to even remotely the swelling was slow to go down before they let me leave I had to show I was better..

Afterward, I spent 2 days with the Allergist having the scratch tests on my back, turns out that besides the Aspirin (that's what got me that time and sent me on my way to the hospital) I was also allergic to beef, cranberry sauce, potatoes, buckwheat and shrimp. As the TV show's title says..." Just Shoot Me" why don't you??? All the good stuff. So it was a long time before I could eat limited quantities of that stuff I just named. The results of the food allergies made me miserable, stuffed, bloated etc etc and blah blah. Just I did not know why till I had all the allergy tests. I ate a lot of what was the worst thing I could be eating. :-)

But since quitting smoking back in April I think it was, I have been eating as though tomorrow would never come. That will tell on you eventually and the eventually time is here now..up close and personal. Just in time for Thanksgiving too wouldn't you know it, but I have had to sacrifice many times before. I am one of those who gain easily. Always have to watch my step.

I have been around to visit everyone in the blog family far as I know. Everyone seems fairly chipper this morning.
I am going to get in there and make a chocolate chess pie for the boys for Thanksgiving on Thursday. I would like to get that done early and speaking of that, I am going to make my world famous !!! meatloaf tomorrow for middle son and grandson when they get here. Hard to do with frozen meat so lemme get to the freezer and extract that. Ooops..forgot. I went in to get a few peanuts instead. I'll get up and go all take care and see you on the other side.

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