Sunday, August 22, 2010

Today is the Day 11/06

ell, for me anyway.  I am, as mentioned, headed over the mountains to Charlotte.  I'll leave here at 1430 for the youngest's home and then we'll go together.  We will be back to our respective homes Sunday late afternoon.  The weather is supposed to be beautiful.  I said that relative to my on-going joke that if I go to Charlotte it will snow!!! (It has so many times!!) I remember 2 years ago January I headed over..looked like I would be in between systems.  It was sunny and gorgeous all the way there and the night was clear.  Got up Saturday morning and we were listening to the news and weather before going out.  The weather man in Charlotte said there would be snow in Charlotte that night...snow in the mountains that DAY!! and snow where *I* live the next morning.  Like..where did THAT come from????  It was 0930 Saturday morning.  I had only been there close to 18 hours total.  I packed and headed out within an hour..trying to get home.  I made it but only just.  Good thing I left when I did.  There were flurries in the mountains..just enough to concern me, all the way home and then it really got serious just after I passed over them..  I got here and it just opened up and dumped snow all over us.  That's why it's a joke to us in the family.  So many times between middle November to mid March I would pack and head out..I have to carefully watch the systems on both sides of the mountains. Then at the last second, cancel.
Due to not sleeping but a few hours last night I am too tired to get on the treadmill.  Hopefully I will sleep better tonight.  The son we are going to see also has a treadmill so maybe I can hop up on his for awhile tomorrow afternoon.
I hope me and my wallet make it back home alright.  Something happens to me when I get around the big city and all of those shops and stores.  There are two places in particular I am add-icted to going to.  Those are the first 2 places we head out to.
I believe I have been around to see most of not all.  Not leaving for 3 more hours so hope to see everyone.
Most of all, have a fun weekend and I'll check on you tonight from Charlotte.

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