Saturday, August 7, 2010

Treadmill Groaned to New Life

The treadmill has groaned to renewed life.
I got up on the sucker this morning for the first time in quite as while.  I have written too often about that 12 hr shift rotation so I will spare you that again other than to say that is what kept me from any exercise program.
However, not only do I not have that problem I also have no reason not to begin again.  I want to.  We know of course, that is the best predictor of success.  Wanting to do the activity.  I just wish I were like Marilyn.  Swimming is the very best exercise.  I can't do that however as I am afraid of the water when it is above my waist.  Blame my brother who let me sink when I was 5.  But walking and trotting follows closely in good exercise.  I am at the walking stage.  It will take me a good week to walk rapidly.  After I  do that I will go outside for part of my walking where at least the view is different.  Right now I am not equal to a lot out there as I live on a steep hill.  I am a weenie after too many years of doing nothing exerting.  So, first things first. In a while after errands etc. I will get back up on the treadmill.  I only allow myself a small time on it for the first week.
Tonight I was to be taken to dinner again but I had to cancel as I am sure I wrote of last night.  A good friend passed away Monday and the family is receiving friends this evening.  I will dress and go to say a final goodbye to Wanda.
I have a date Friday, but I won't really eat.  I will explain the diet.  It is hard to find things no matter how you request this or that on the have baked or grilled, not fried, and no gravy/sauces.  It's just easier to eat at home. You can calculate the values much easier when you know for sure how the  food is prepared. 
Meanwhile the day waits.  It's almost 9 and I haven't even gotten ready for going outside.  I need to weed again, buy pansies, plant them and go to the bank. 
See you later

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  1. Love the way you write.
    Would not get me on a treadmill for a million bucks!!