Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What an Honor!

I am thrilled. For the second time in two weeks a photograph of mine was chosen and showcased by Flickr for their "Explore". Last thing I ever expected while sweating there in the garden yesterday morning on my way home. I met some folks weeding there (public garden) who on occasion held their umbrella over me while I labored crawling about in the flowers and wondering why I chose to wear light color jeans for kneeling. I forgot to get my kneeling pad out of the car..why, I have no idea. But the dirty knees and the sweat paid off! I was honored being selected by Explore. Gosh, I just posted the thing late yesterday and when I got up this morning there were well over 200 views. I appreciated Flickr for choosing mine this time.

I am dressed with just my hair to comb and I'm headed out for a few things. Be in the driveway in 15 minutes of you're going. If not..I leave without you.

OH..and I smell heavenly. I am wearing a honeysuckle scent.

Miss Catt got caught up on her blog..I on mine and I have made my rounds. WHEW! II still have several days worth of newspapers to get through and I admit, I am not reading them as thoroughly as usual.

Thank you for the comments on the old bridge. :-)

See ya in a bit. Get out there by the car..sit in it if you want to but as always, no blowing the horn. I'll get there as fast as I can.


  1. Congratulations! Very worthy I must say. Well done and keep up the gorgeous photos

  2. Glad you're being recognized Carole. It's always nice when you get some deserved notice. I hope you have a great day!

  3. Congratulations from me too. Also thanks for stopping by on my site. I have been meaning to post something, but have been too busy lately to do it. Hope you have a nice week!

  4. All that blood, sweat and tears paid off. Congratulations on a job well done. I'm surprised all your pictures haven't been selected. They're all so professional looking.

  5. "You Rock Girl"!!! Congrats on the pic recognition of your talent.
    Hint: If you have to do a lot of kneeling in the garden, you might want to get some knee pads at the local sporting goods store....or Wal-Mart.

  6. Congratulations! You have been taking some wonderful shots lately. You just keep gettin better.

  7. Put a g on the end of gettin for me, will you please?

  8. Congrats on the your achievements on your works.
    Keep it up for number third ones :-)
    xoxoxo Sis.

  9. Wonderful Work to get some recongnition. . Way to go and congratulations. Many more. I was over the moon with my frist one.
    You will .. yes will have many many more.
    Hugs xoxo