Sunday, August 22, 2010

What a Weekend it Was 11/06

Couple of years ago, me and my best friend headed off to Charlotte to visit one of my sons. It was her first time there. Of course, everything was planned out. She got the spare bedroom and I got the couch. And we BOTH got a walking tour to end all walking tours.
I asked my son just a few days ago how long that tour was all told. He claims like less than a mile and a half. I don't THINK so! I would like him to clock from where we got off the street car (they do have real street cars there..beautifully restored) and started hoofing it. The entire route which we were walking at a pretty fair pace. We walked all over downtown Charlotte.. and he included for us a micro park within downtown right next to the skyscrapers. The park was so quiet it was eerie. It, the tour, took several hours. We stopped off to go into the buildings that were open to the public..took plenty of pictures and looked at the Stadium too. Long enough of a tour to have lunch in the best restaurant I have EVER been in in the entire world so far, and have to walk back to where the street car picked us up and then to the place the car was parked and on home for just a bit before supper out.
Oh it was hot. It was SOOOOO hot that day. We sweat like we have never sweated before and our faces were reddened from the heat but it was worth it. It still stands in mine and Pat's minds as one of THE most fun trips we have ever had. And that was largely to my son's credit.
I am going to TRY to insert an unflattering picture in here of the three of us, Pat, me, and that particular son, with our windswept hair, red faces and uncomfortable look. It isn't flattering to any of us but it is a picture of three people who were very happy that day. We were waiting on the trolley to come and get us. Whew! HOT!
That night, we went out to a place to eat and I decided on iced tea. I was on a diet which worked wonderfully well I might add, but made you extraordinarily thirsty. That showed, embarrassingly enough when the server brought the tea, 20 oz. of it, I drank it down in one swoop. Not stopping. The guy was a little startled and brought another right away. I drained it immediately. He brought another and my son and my friend were like " Gee. Stop. You're embarrassing us!" I drank 2/3's and gave it a slight rest while I ate as the food had come.
Finished the tea..that was 60 oz. less the displacement allowed for the icecubes..and asked for another which I did not finish.
Sated, we left and headed to a higher end market whereupon Pat and son bought some goodies I could only look at. On the way out of the store to the car..I snatched the bag from son and tore into it getting out not one but 2 large cookies. Had them eaten before we got in the car.
Didn't hurt the diet though as I was well below what was needed for the day anyway.
It was one of the most fun days and trips..made all the more special because of who was with me. We talked the 300 miles there, and we talked non stop the 300 miles home again. Let me see if I can add the unflattering  picture.

Till later..and lunch is on YOU this time. I paid yesterday! Your fault if you weren't there!!

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