Saturday, August 7, 2010


'm fixing to leave here in about twenty minutes but while I wait I thought I would say hello.
Yes, it is an awful thing when you lost everything you had on the computer.  Unless number 1 son can work a minor miracle.  I doubt it.  What the matter is...I had some story and poetry material in Office Outlook.  No way we are  going to recover that.  That will teach me a very hard lesson.  Marilyn told me several months ago and I knew it anyway.  Just didn't want to spend the money for a backup hard drive ( I know about DVD's and have some) (NOW!!!) and didn't think my way out of a paper bag on this deal.  Not like I didn't have the money either.  Sheer unthinking.  That's a nice way of saying sheer stupidity.  But me focusing on it isn't helping.
I am all duded up. Those of you who know me personally in the flesh, wouldn't know me.  One of those times when I am all dressed up to beat the band.  Crisp white velvet cardigan..flyaway skirt with muted gray flowers.  Black heels.  Whatta woman!  !!'re right.  Buyer's remorse is alive and well but not in this case.  A thousand or just over is nothing compared to buying a Camaro Z-28 when I did.  It had all the bells and whistles.  It cost a zillion dollars!!!  I kept looking out the window at it and walking back to the chair almost with my face in my hands and I certainly did moan "what have I done!!??" to myself and out loud many times.  At that time I had never bought anything that expensive on my own.  Assuming a debt of that magnitude went against all my penurious ways.  I suffered buyer's remorse for several months..not just weeks.  But the beauty of that vehicle kept me owner..for 13 years.  And it was just as classically beautiful at the end as it was in the beginning.  Sorta like all we women! 
Meanwhile, looking forward to a little trip into The Big City tomorrow to meet #1 son.  We will just get on the bus and head into town and start our Christmas shopping.  I may see #3 son that evening.  #2 son is far enough away to escape me!!
See you later

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