Sunday, August 22, 2010

Work 11/06

Been out there doing a little work.  Instead of the treadmill as I am expecting company soon.  I didn't think I would sweat as much as I did while hauling sheets of leaves down the hill and hauling my butt back UP the hill each time (my back need toe claws to navigate it...I live on a mountain after all). However, I got a good workout till I had to quit and try to get ready for the company and the guy for the pest control too.
Been around to see half of you and did a little space walking too.  Did that yesterday and the day before.  Meet some super folks that way.  And what was nice..I see the bloggers I go see all the time go see those people as well.  I just haven't had time to explore other bloggers' friends the way I would like to.  Now that I do have some time I need to remind myself to do that more often.
It is wonderful to see several of our 'family' on the upswing after so many bad times.  I mean it.  It absolutely makes my day when I see that trouble has receded or disappeared (hopefully) after taking so much of our friend's lives and giving such heartache. It is also wonderful to see Faith expressed and lived, every day in their lives.   
I was telling a blogging sister {she knows who she is!  :-) }that I feel the need increasingly to meet a challenge.  I have had enough rest and now I need to set my mind to either continuing my education (likely) or finding another job.  I turned several down as it was too soon and I wanted to wallow in not having anything to do.  Well, I have a lot to do after all...just not reporting to formal work.  I am not here a lot every day and sometimes in the my life is full but there are no challenges.  I have had to meet steep challenges every day for many years.  It does not feel right to have it so easy.
Keep a good thought for me.  See you in a while.

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